My husband & I hired Steve of Silent Impact Designs to Project Manage our new residence construction half-way through the building process. After many unfortunate circumstances with a former PM we found working with Steve a gratifying experience! He not only designed some very interesting features for our Build but he was also a pleasure to work with. He was open to suggestions; he was an excellent listener in being able to achieve our many “wants & needs”. My husband & I found him well organized & reliable. We put our utmost trust & confidence in Mr. Jarrett when creating a realistic Budget enabling us to go higher-end with some interior finishes we wanted. And lastly, the fun we all had working with him & the trades he brought to our Build. Thanks again Steve… we couldn’t have done it without you!


In September 2011, we embarked on a re-build of an older cottage to turn it into a permanent home on an existing foundation.
As the designer, long before the shovel hit the ground, Steve spent a great deal of time listening to what we as the perspective clients thought we wanted. How our lives functioned, our likes and dislikes and how we pictured the end product. In other words the “silent impression” we wanted to feel and present to others. His excellent listening skills over an intensive consultative period of 5 months resulted in our wish list (and more) being fulfilled and giving us our dream home.
Steve spent additional time assessing the landscape elevations and locations in order to create a building sympathetic to and in harmony with it’s surroundings and having it blend into the topography so as to not jar the eye from the natural beauty around us. ” Bringing the outside in was the guiding design principal”
The final renderings were a wonderful visual for us- no stone left un-turned from exterior finishes to the interior ones, they were all presented to us with what we asked for combined with Steve’s aesthetic. We knew from the modelling done by the designer how things were going to look which was much easier to visualize than typical one dimensional drawings.
Steve helped us see the ecological possibilities and trends. Things, that as lay people, we would not be able to consider. When necessary, Steve was both a “hand holder ” and “guru”. By using his organization, we were able to avail ourselves to trade discounting, interior design consultations, follow-ups and immediate responses to questions, fears and what ifs.
We highly recommend Silent Impact Designs for a worry free design process. We have an amazing home of which we are very proud, which does reflect our personality, interests and both meets our current needs with forethought to both our future potential needs and the re-sale market.


I am very pleased to provide Silent Impact Designs with a positive customer review. Our renovation involved an existing structure that was 500 sq. ft. on 2 levels with a total square footage of 1,000 sq. ft. Steve’s vision provided us with a concept that was outstanding and well suited for our family needs. Steve guided us through the addition of 2,000 sq. ft. and provided us valuable insight and experience to make the right choices for our investment. Not only was the design practical but aesthetically beautiful. John and I found Steve to be extremely credible and appreciated that our plans were completed and submitted on time. Renovations can be rather stressful and Steve’s easy going manner and sense of humour made the experience enjoyable. Friends who have visited regularly marvel at the design and especially the manner in which the design captured the natural light. If we go through the process again, we hope Steve is still designing!


Steve Jarrett was easily able to interpret and execute our collection of ideas, likes and dislikes, with the outcome being an absolutely one-of-a-kind, unique, adorable cottage, a cottage that stands out on the waterfront.
Custom does not mean expensive; our tiny cottage rivals those 5 times it’s size through it’s outstanding character and appeal – and we could not be any happier with the outcome.
Easy to talk to, easy to work with and a great partner from the conception to the final stages, we would absolutely recommend Steve to anyone looking to build their unique cottage or home!