Contemporary With Muskoka Style!

Contemporary With Muskoka Style!

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Contemporary designs in Muskoka can be a perfect fit.  Large glass windows, sliding doors and glass hallways allow the natural light to flood the building throughout the day.  Adding in wooden timbers and natural stone incorporates the Muskoka style and feel.

This boathouse is truly a four season oasis. The bedrooms upstairs have windows and sliding glass doors that allow air flow and access to the outside deck.  There is a covered sitting area next to the master bedroom which gives protection from the sun and rain.  This covered porch has a two sided fireplace with a private sitting area on one side and group sitting on the other.  The cantilevered bedrooms provide another covered sitting or dining area on the deck below.  Tempered railings, with no top rail, give a minimal look and feel.  No visual distractions interfere with the spectacular view!

Roll-up glass doors on the boathouse are visually appealing and allows natural light to stream in.  Assorted glass options are available if more privacy is required.

The first level has an accordion glass door system on both angles to allow the room to be completely open to the outdoors.  Pull out screens provide protection during bug season.  The additional covered seating on the first deck has a wood fireplace that is supported on a concrete platform that is built into the deck.  The surface is clad with granite stone to blend seamlessly with the deck surface.

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